I'll Keep Calling Migrant Gang Members 'Animals'

I'll Keep Calling Migrant Gang Members 'Animals'”

"These aren't people. These are animals", Trump said during a California Sanctuary State Roundtable at the White House.

The inquiry came in the wake of reporting by The New York Times and other outlets, which left out the context of Mr. Trump's Wednesday comments on sanctuary cities. "Others who rushed to judgment to get the President rather than to get the story owe @POTUS-and the grieving loved ones who have lost family members to gang violence-an apology", tweeted the unflappable Kellyanne Conway, while Don Jr., along with much of the rest of the Trump cavalcade, defended the comments by insisting that his father used the phrase exclusively in reference to gang members, and not in reference to the average undocumented immigrant.

US President Donald Trump described some migrants as "animals" Wednesday, in a charged discussion about the border wall and law enforcement.

"In the Mexican government's opinion, this is absolutely unacceptable, and we are going to communicate that formally today to the (US) State Department", said Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray. These aren't people. These are animals. She said the media is entitled to defend MS-13 if they want, but a term like "animal" doesn't go almost far enough to describe members of a gang whose motto is "rape, control, kill".

"I'm referring and you know I'm referring to the MS-13 gangs that are coming in".

"This is your Republican resistance right here against what they're doing in California", said assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, coopting a term used by Democrats opposed to Trump's presidency.

"Frankly, I think that the term "animal" doesn't go far enough", Huckabee Sanders told reporters.

"The term "animal" doesn't go far enough", she said.

"I do want to say to be fair to Trump he was referring to gang members MS-13 and not just undocumented immigrants". Trump was talking to a room full of people about immigration. But the Trump administration has sued to reverse it, calling the policies unconstitutional and unsafe.

He vented about the nation's immigration laws, calling them "the dumbest laws on immigration in the world". And Trump has held numerous events in recent months during which he's drawn attention to California's policies. He claimed those laws are forcing "the release of illegal immigrant criminals, drug dealers, gang members and violent predators into your communities", and providing "safe harbor to some of the most vicious and violent offenders on earth".

"Trump is lying on immigration, lying about crime and lying about the laws of California". In his first year, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 46,000 people without criminal records - a 171% increase in the number of non-criminal individuals arrested over 2016.

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