China welcomes Kim-Trump summit as 'important step'

China welcomes Kim-Trump summit as 'important step'”

"We can't overstate the pivotal role President Moon has played in getting us where we are today". But none of them have involved a country with a program as advanced and large as North Korea.

The Trump-Kim summit will have warm atmospherics.

It was like the finale of The Apprentice, Trump's former reality show, where only the Donald had the power to decide who would be a victor and who would end up a loser, and then to laud them or denigrate them accordingly. And there are a number of things - provocative actions, for example, from North Korea would not be received well.

That credit is negated, however, by Trump's unjustifiable and reckless decision to renounce the Iran nuclear deal.

At the summit in late April, Kim and Moon pledged to work toward the total denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and to sign a peace treaty formally ending the Korean War.

Under the Trump standard, Pyongyang will need to make a complete disclosure of its entire nuclear complex, dismantle it, give up its missiles and allow nuclear inspectors anywhere, any time access to all military facilities - forever.

Trump has vowed that he will not let that happen and has demanded that North Korea give up its nukes.

And if he is willing to bargain, the price will be high.

From Trump's standpoint, business-oriented Singapore is among Washington's closest trade and security partners in Asia.

This could be a significant change to the current state of relations between the two countries. The city-state, under pressure from the USA and a leaked United Nations report, officially cut off trade relations with North Korea in 2017 to abide by sanctions.

If Pyongyang actually agrees to denuclearise - a big if - it will take years to produce a credible baseline disclosure of its actual weapons and research capability, dismantle it and establish an intrusive and permanent verification regime. White House officials also believe that a triumph on the Korean Peninsula - something that has eluded the United States for generations - could bolster Trump's approval ratings, help inoculate him against the investigations swirling around him and maybe even trickle down to help Republicans in this fall's midterm elections. While the United States aggressively pushes for the release of detained Americans and Japan regularly raises its citizens held in the North, South Korea has maintained a quieter stance.

The Cold War-era Ilyushin-62 is adorned with a red-and-yellow national emblem, ringed with the phrase "Chairman of the State Affairs Commission", a lengthy moniker that is Kim's main political title. The detainees also included the plane's captain, co-pilot, and two flight attendants, who later appeared in North Korean propaganda broadcasts.

USA government aid to North is not likely, Pompeo and Bolton said.

The president should say so, but his support of human rights is selective.

Trump, for his part, will not take well to anything that is "step by step", so he will seek shortcuts to achieving something that resembles his stated objective.

But Libya's program was not almost as advanced as North Korea and the country had not already stockpiled weapons. It's more likely than not that there will be an agreement of some kind, which the president will spin as a major foreign policy win.

It is customary to insert the caveat that the Iran agreement isn't ideal, that it has obvious flaws, that it could be much better, and so on. "Sometimes the best deal is to walk away". That momentum seems bound to continue - with or without the US president.

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