'Fortnite' now available for everyone on iOS

'Fortnite' now available for everyone on iOS”

Now anyone can download and play Fortnite Mobile on a compatible iOS device.

It follows another big Epic Games announcement today for those fans of the Battle Royale game on mobile.

Courtesy their excellent business model, it is safe to say that Fortnite has an edge over their rivals and the actual battle royale pioneer, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. But now, the iOS version of the game has been made available for general release.

Have you tried out Fortnite on iOS yet? Well, they are making the Vending Machines available to everyone with the coming updates. Players would be able to break down the Vending Machine after using it to ensure other players won't be able to use it later in the game.

He's got a point, lots of games are positive experiences, but by suggesting gaming addiction isn't a thing as it "could stigmatise regular consumers of video games", is rather odd. This will get you extra gear in the game. If possible, they can also trade in or trade out their materials and weapons.

Epic Games is adding Vending Machines to the world of Fortnite.

The weapons are a bit on the Science Fiction side, the sniper rifle is more precise and the game does not take itself as seriously as it should, thus being more fun and with incredibly customizable characters.

With the help of the bug, numerous Fortnite Players have seen the availability of this Vending Machines feature on their game.

What really makes Epic's offer so exciting, however, is the prospect of crossplay. We've seen items like the Cozy Campfire come into the game and go straight into the player's inventory to be placed down everywhere.

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