76ers star taken to hospital after shot to head

76ers star taken to hospital after shot to head”

The latest on Philadelphia's star center after a scary crash with a teammate in their recent game.

Joel Embiid had to leave Wednesday night's game against the Knicks early after colliding with newly returned teammate Markelle Fultz.

The Sixers announced Embiid suffered a facial contusion on Wednesday night, but have since downgraded their superstar. His team still recorded a 118-101 victory without the All-Star center on the court for the entire second half. When Embiid goes to the bench, the 76ers have been outscored by 3.9 points per 100 possessions, barely better than the New York Knicks' net rating (minus-4.4). In preliminary X-rays that were taken of Embiid, no fractures were revealed.

Joel Embiid was right to be concerned in the hours after a head-on collision. He posted on Instagram from an apparent hospital bed. During that drive, Fultz knocked heads with Embiid, accidentally, and the big man fell to the floor.

As you might imagine, Philadelphia has looked like two completely different teams with and without Embiid on the court this year.

Fultz was playing in only his second game back from a 68-game absence, one caused by a shoulder injury and prolonged by his struggles to regain his shooting form and confidence.

"I'm really anxious about him", said Fultz after the game. "He's a tough guy. I'm anxious about him, but I believe he's OK".

With Embiid, I would pencil in 7 wins.

While at Kansas, Embiid averaged 11.2 points and 8.1 rebounds per game in his one season with the Jayhawks from 2013-14 and shot 62.6 percent from the field. J.J. Redick finished with 21 to contribute as well. Luckily, just two out of Philly's final eight games will come against teams that are now in the playoff picture. The team has already clinched a spot in the postseason, and now has the No. 4 spot in the Eastern Conference, with the potential to move up ahead of Cleveland, depending on how their remaining games go.

Embiid was released from the hospital Thursday but will not travel with the team to Atlanta for Friday's game against the Hawks, the Sixers said. Assuming the Raptors finish with the first seed - a race the Boston Celtics have made somewhat interesting by closing within three games in the standings, but still one the Raptors are overwhelmingly likely to win - they'll face the victor of the 4-5 matchup in the second round.

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