AG Sessions Says No Second Special Counsel - For Now, Anyway

AG Sessions Says No Second Special Counsel - For Now, Anyway”

His letter left open the possibility that, depending on what Huber's and the IG's reviews turned up, a second special counsel could be appointed.

In his letter, Sessions seemed to defend the inspector general, noting that he had "broad discretion and significant investigative powers" and that he could develop cases that he could refer elsewhere for prosecution or make his findings public - which regular criminal prosecutors might not be able to do. Check back for updates.

Huber may now find himself thrust into the middle of a fierce partisan struggle - with Republicans arguing anything short of a special counsel is insufficient because the Justice Department can not investigate its own people, and Democrats maintaining that any allegations of bias are an unfounded ploy to distract from Mueller's investigation into possible coordination between Trump campaign associates and Russian officials. During the Trump administration's removal of Obama holdover USA attorneys in March 2017, Huber submitted his resignation, but he was reinstated to his job via a temporary appointment by Sessions.

Lawmakers have criticized the Federal Bureau of Investigation for using a secret dossier on President Donald Trump that was written by a former British spy who was paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign - as evidence to obtain a FISA warrant on former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page.

"To justify such an appointment, the Attorney General would need to conclude that 'the public interest would be served by removing a large degree of responsibility for the matter from the Department of Justice", Sessions wrote.

In the meantime we intend to continue our investigation into the decisions made and not made by DOJ in 2016 and 2017. The allegations are unproven, and Democrats and Clinton say the allegations are false and an attempt to distract from the Russian Federation investigation. Trump's own lawyers called for a second special counsel late past year.

In a letter Thursday to three leading Republicans in Congress, Sessions said the appointment of a special counsel is reserved for "extraordinary circumstances".

Nonetheless, his decision not to appoint a special counsel, at least for now, is nearly certain to disappoint Republicans.

Sessions stressed that the American people should have confidence in the Justice Department and, therefore, he has earlier asked Inspector General Michael Horowitz to revise certain matters related to these accusations.

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