How to install Android P right now

How to install Android P right now”

For instance, if users take a snap (via the Google Photo app) of a restaurant and tap the Google Lens option, it will automatically connect to the Google Search function and give the hotel's timings, menu cards, reviews and table-booking options. With this initial release, the preview version is available for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones as well as the Android Emulator.

Additionally, Google Lens is also capable of performing a number of tasks based on what it identifies in the image. A business card can be scanned to create a contact card, and an unknown landmark might reveal itself in a photo.

Lens is now rolling out to Android devices with Google Photos, and will be coming soon to iOS. In the image just above you can see that the notification panel in the first developer preview for Android P includes rounded corners, which makes sense with so many devices having rounded display edges now.

Certain flagship phones from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Sony, and Nokia will also eventually receive Lens capabilities on Google Assistant, which is now only present on Pixel phones. After a few months of exclusivity, the app has now come to other Android devices through Google Photos app. Google has officially announced the availability of Google Lens via their official Twitter handle.

It uses Google's huge wealth of data to identify information in your photograph, and then provide useful information.

Google Lens was announced for the Pixel phones exclusively. However, Google Lens will not work on everything, at least in India. As far as the March security patch is concerned, the update comes with OPM1.171019.021 for Pixel series, OPM1.171019.021 for Pixel 2 series, OPM5.171019.017 for Nexus 6P and OPM5.171019.017 for Nexus 5X. That means that even if you have an Android device with Google Photos installed, you may not be able to use Lens.

Another notable aspect of Google Lens is its capability to perceive information within a photo and accurately carry out the function. "A new window layout attribute, layoutInDisplayCutoutMode, lets you tell the system how and when lay out your content relative to the cutout area".

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