Becca Kufrin Named 'The Bachelorette' Minutes After Arie Proposed to Lauren

Becca Kufrin Named 'The Bachelorette' Minutes After Arie Proposed to Lauren”

Hoo-boy. If only a prolonged root canal could be this fun.

Becca pointed out to Arie during their last moments together in Los Angeles that if he was so conflicted between Lauren and herself in Peru, he never should have picked out a ring and gotten down on one knee. Arie was torn between two women and eventually proposed to one of them, Becca.

To make matters worse, while breaking up with Becca - via split-screen wizardry - he displayed all the warmth and personality of that fish-guy in "The Shape of Water".

I like to see people fall in love, it's a nice change to seeing the ugliness of the world, and each year I watch hoping that we'll see some real connections. He then dumped Becca on-camera and let her know it's because he's still in love with the other finalist, Lauren Burnham. Their messages included: "Becca - You'll always have a rose from Minnesota".

At that point sharp utensils were probably being hurled at TV screens across America. It looks like Arie has found love again, so only time will tell if it works out for him and Lauren or not. How sure are we that their relationship won't last and that Arie will soon be staging homes in Arizona all by his lonesome?

"A thousand percent", he said.

But surprisingly Becca holds no resentment towards Arie.

Emily Maynard made a simple post that showed her with her new husband and children. I am truly embarrassed that I still say, "Oh!" I can't imagine a life without you.

But, wait, the "fun" is just beginning.

Take a breath. Go stare, longingly, out your window and figure out what to do with the tragic arc of things when Arie goes on Dancing with the Stars in a few weeks and eventually breaks up with Lauren, who presumably will lose her ability to communicate again.

Hopefully, this does work out for Arie and he gets what he's looking for - we won't wish anything awful on him. In fact, she said she forgave him, and bid him farewell with a hug. We crossed The Bachelor finale finish line and in two weeks, I'm going to tell you that none of it mattered. Plus, it often makes me reflect on my life and think "Hey, at least I'm not almost as insane as that lady".

"Arie. Not okay, just leave".

Owing to the fact it was, as Lauren put it, "pretty hard for us to rewatch it". As for Becca, she, understandably, wishes Arie just owned up to his emotions and didn't propose if he wasn't fully committed: "You've robbed me of that". And so is Lauren (for now).

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