Trump's new nuclear posture review reverses course on arms control

Trump's new nuclear posture review reverses course on arms control”

His statement comes after the Trump administration published a document about its renewed nuclear policy on Friday, 2 February.

Washington's brand-new, 100-page Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), released on Friday, recommends a belligerent approach towards Russian Federation as regards nuclear proliferation. For these ends, it is suggested that low-yield warheads be deployed in ballistic missiles and return nuclear-armed sea-launched cruise missiles to its arsenal.

Jim Mattis became defense secretary this past year, he arrived at the Pentagon with reservations about the US nuclear arsenal.

"Past assumptions that our capability to produce nuclear weapons would not be necessary and that we could permit the required infrastructure to age into obsolescence have proven to be mistaken", argues the report, known as the Nuclear Posture Review.

It also endorsed adhering to existing arms control agreements, including the new START treaty that limits the United States and Russian Federation each to 1,550 strategic nuclear warheads on a maximum of 700 deployed launchers. It notes that such agreements can foster cooperation and confidence among nuclear weapons states and reduce the risk of miscalculation that could lead to war, but it also accuses Russian Federation of undermining those aims by violating numerous treaties.

Thomas Karako, a specialist on nuclear issues at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, said many people - including Obama - enter government sympathetic to disarmament but moderate their ambitions when confronted with threat intelligence.

The Trump nuclear doctrine breaks with Obama's in ending his push to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in US defense policy. Considering the last Cold War saw a race for nuclear missiles being the weapon of choice in attacking the enemy, it should be no surprise that constant advances with AI would become the new weapon of choice.

Mattis' evolution offers insight into the decision-making process of a defense secretary known for his intellectual rigor.

Nuclear weapons have been a fear and deterrent in full escalations occurring up to this point as the result of just one can cause severe damage of buildings, but nuclear fallout could affect both sides, not to mention the retaliation from the other side would be problematic.

"On the contrary", Mattis said, the nuclear strategy reaffirms the role of nuclear weapons in national defense "while underscoring continued US commitment to non-proliferation, to counter nuclear terrorism and to arms control".

The strategy marks a resounding win for backers of the USA nuclear enterprise and a setback for disarmament advocates. In a statement Monday, its Foreign Ministry called the review's assertions frightening, "utterly hypocritical" and risky. The data also revealed that Israel, which has never denied or confirmed having nuclear weapons, has 80 warheads in its nuclear arsenal and North Korea was predicted to have at least 20 of the weapons of mass destruction. Such a weapon existed for years but was withdrawn from active service by the administration of President George H.W. Bush in the early 1990s and retired by the Obama administration.

"That is a proposal that is very clearly created to look like an arms control proposal, but to guarantee that it won't be accepted", Acton said. The deal is scheduled to expire in 2021.

In its newly released Nuclear Posture Review, the DOD has focused much of its multi-billion nuclear effort on an updated nuclear deterrence focused on Russian Federation.

The Foreign Ministry said Russian Federation is well within the treaty's limitations of 1,550 strategy nuclear warheads and 700 deployed launchers.

Rouhani, formerly a moderate cleric who was a key force behind Iran's successful nuclear deal in 2015, said such developments would also force Tehran to boost its own capabilities in order to counterbalance the threats that his country faces.

The State Department insisted the fully adhering to its commitments.

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