Amazon's Echo Spot is coming to the United Kingdom later this month

In the United Kingdom the Amazon Echo Spot is up for pre-order now.

Behind the scenes, just like rivals such as Google with the Google Assistant, Amazon is constantly tweaking and updating Alexa with a better user experience and more intelligence.

It's a smart alarm, a device to read messages and make video's also lovely looking.

Say hello to the Echo Spot.

It has a 2.5-inch screen that's relatively sharp, despite the resolution of just 480 x 480. That device was ahead of its time, offering to pull in a load of information to keep you always informed.

The Echo Spot has fully fledged Alexa functionality, including video, albeit on a tiny screen.

There's also the ability to link the Spot to more powerful speakers you may already own via Bluetooth or or using a 3.5mm stereo cable. Echo Dot is great, but that's exclusively about voice control, like a remote portal. If you're buying this as a video device, the Echo Show is likely the best choice. These can be easily changed via touch and there's no worry about having it shining in your face all night, as then will dim and you can set a do not disturb schedule too.

Once you have found an Alexa Skill you'd like to try for yourself, all you need to do is enable it.

The other popular use of amazon echo devices is listening to music.

"Alexa is gaining new opinions about things every day".

Amazon has also made it so that you can have a song wake you up as the alarm.

Alternately, the Echo Spot could also prove useful in the kitchen, where users could handle their shopping lists, to-do-lists, recipes, or make calls with Alexa.

The Echo Spot has a camera for video calling to other Echo devices or the Alexa app on smartphones, can play video, music and other smart speaker-associated features. Maybe you do, maybe you don't - it really depends what you get up to in your bedroom.

Another way Amazon wants you to use the Spot is as smart cam monitor. If you're a Prime subscriber, you'll be able to catch up on the latest shows wherever you are, accepting that it's going to be pretty small.

You can set your alarms to wake you up to a particular artist or genre, or on a particular radio station. Amazon hasn't revealed the specs for the Echo Spot's camera, but we've reached out for confirmation.

The Amazon Echo Spot does everything the Echo Show does but it all feels better in this smaller form factor. It is to the Echo Show what the Dot is to the larger, cylindrical versions of the Alexa-containing smart device. It's an ideal bedside clock, as long as you take precautions to ensure you don't appear on video or call your friends in the middle of the night - but perhaps that's the appeal.

The Echo Spot is available in black and white for £119.99 and will start shipping on January 24.

We're yet to test the Echo Spot's audio prowess, but we'd imagine it would be similar in quality to the Echo Dot.

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