Maxine Waters Isn't Running For 'Anything Except The Impeachment of Trump'

Maxine Waters Isn't Running For 'Anything Except The Impeachment of Trump'”

During an appearance on The View today, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) waved off any concerns that the White House has expressed with leaks to the press, stating that it is in the public's interest to know what is going on with the administration.

"I've long thought that there was a lot of smoke, even fire, and that everything that I have learned about this president, starting with the campaign itself, that people should have understood that there was something terribly wrong with him", she said.

Waters, as a vocal advocate for President Trump's impeachment, also touched on the investigation into Russia's alleged election meddling led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. "It seems as though I say things they like", she said in response. "So I had to go up against C. Delores Tucker and some of those who were trying to censor rap music".

Waters joined "The Breakfast Club" radio show on Monday morning and was asked if it was time for black people to form their own political party.

As the audience cheered, host Joy Behar sang "Lock him up!" She simply denied that part.

And considering that Pence is far more beholden to right wing ideology than Trump likely is, has lied on multiple occasions regarding the Russian Federation scandal, and that even prior to inauguration, he was already proving to be the most powerful vice president ever, the idea of removing Trump only to end up with President Pence does not sit well with much of the nation.

"They are undermining him because they want to see him stop".

She also doubled down on her calls for impeachment.

"Not only will we resist you, we will impeach you, Donald Trump" she said to a cheering crowd. "They want us to do something".

The View women asked Waters if she had heard the gospel version, by musician and singer Mykal Kilgore, of her already classic line, "reclaiming my time", and she revealed that she had. "How long is it going to take, I don't know", she mused, "but I give it till about December".

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