Putin critic says Russian lawyer's Trump Tower meeting was about sanctions

Putin critic says Russian lawyer's Trump Tower meeting was about sanctions”

Browder, the chief executive of Hermitage Capital Management investment fund, was scheduled to testify before the committee as witness in the investigation on Wednesday but he later said this was shifted to Thursday.

He was convicted of tax evasion in absentia by a Moscow district court in 2013, one year after spearheading Congress' passage of the Magnitsky Act - a sanctions package that infuriated Russian President Vladimir Putin, who retaliated by banning Americans from adopting Russian children.

Browder testified: 'In a kleptocracy like Russian Federation and other countries the way that the world works is that the president of that country allows certain people to get rich, he often gets a share of the wealth of those people and then he can rely on those people to do the state's bidding in situations where it may not be appropriate or they may not want to show the government's face'.

Congress was considering expanding the act at the time, and there was an intense lobbying effort by a handful of people with Russian ties on Capitol Hill to have Magnitsky's name removed from it. Its founder Glenn Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, was one of the people in Washington who has helped Veselnitskaya lobby to repeal the Magnitsky Act-by working for an American law firm hired to defend Prevezon.

Fusion GPS was hired to conduct a smear campaign against Sergei Magnitsky and Mr. Browder before congressional hearings on the Global Magnitsy Act. The hearing was set up to examine the firm's separate work on a legal case involving the Magnitsky Act, a law to punish Russian human rights violators.

'Vladimir Putin, I believe to be the richest man in the world, ' Browder said under questioning.

The Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort in Trump Tower is the Russian government's "point person" in fighting USA sanctions and took the meeting to discus sanctions relief, a prominent Putin critic told Congress Thursday.

While emails released by President Trump's eldest son indicate that the meeting was arranged after Trump Jr. was promised compromising information on Hillary Clinton, Veselnitskaya told ABC News she attended the meeting to discuss the Magnitsky Act and Russian adoptions.

Since Donald Trump's rise to the United States presidency, the controversy of Russian meddling has still not been settled to date.

His lawyer Sergei Magnitsky helped uncover a massive tax-fraud scheme in Russian Federation but was arrested by authorities and died in a Moscow jail.

"I have no direct evidence, but I know how Russian security services behave, and this was a big ask, to repeal a major legislation", Browder told the committee.

He said he can "conclude with certainty" that she was pressing for repeal of the Magnitsky Act when she met with Don Jr. and others at Trump Tower.

".What they were willing to offer in return, I don't know". Recently, it came to notice that past year after Trump was elected president, Donald Trump Jr. met a Russian lawyer whose public credentials are allegedly directly related to Russia's top intelligence and espionage agency, more commonly known as F.S.B.

In the US, if you represent the political interests of foreign governments, by law, you're supposed to register as a "foreign agent".

Last month, Trump's Justice Department suddenly chose to settle the money laundering case against the real estate company.

Kushner and the White House have both said the meeting was about adoptions.

The chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Republican Sen.

The hearing on Wednesday pertained to violations by Fusion GPS of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, otherwise known as FARA.

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