GOP lawmaker: Trump associates should open up about Russian contacts

GOP lawmaker: Trump associates should open up about Russian contacts”

"Somebody said, Donald Trump wants to - I don't want to take them off". They hoped to receive damaging information-courtesy of the Russian government-about Hillary Clinton. Don Trump Jr.'s emails are a smoking gun. Akhmetshin has denied reports claiming he's a former Russian counterintelligence officer.

"This is a campaign violation: soliciting, coordinating or accepting something of value, opposition research, documented information from a foreign government or foreign national".

She went on to list potential charges without providing further context: "Criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States, impeding the lawful administration of a federal election or to make an offense against the United States, cybercrime, hacking against U.S. citizens-the Clinton campaign".

"What I paid attention to and what surprised me a little and what I did not expect from him and what I believe is very important for a person who is active in public work and politics is his ability to listen", Putin stated.

Pelosi called on the president to revoke Kushner's security clearance Friday, but was careful not to call for impeaching Trump, saying that "the laws are certainly clear - when the facts are clear, then this Congress will make a decision in that regard". I have asked over and over again.

"Yes", she replied. But despite several follow-up questions, she never quite clarified her meaning.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Friday said she had conveyed to GOP leaders that she didn't like tweaked language on disapproval resolution because she wanted to protect "the prerogatives of the minority in the House".

Her remarks were part of a news conference in which Democrats from various House committees detailed steps aimed at pressuring House Republicans to investigate Trump more aggressively.

The department has acknowledged that Sessions omitted from his form meetings he had with foreign dignitaries, including the Russian ambassador. But it would take a major shift in Republicans' stances for the effort to produce anything other than political fodder that could be used by Democrats in next year's midterm elections.

"But weighing the equities, what was more important was passing the Russia-Iran sanctions bill", the California Democrat said.

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) and Rep. A spokesman for the Senate Judiciary Committee said the letter hasn't been sent. "These resolutions are simply a request for paperwork, a request to let the American people know that they are the priority, and partisanship will not stand in the way of their protection".

The remarks in Paris during a joint news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron came even though Trump's own Federal Bureau of Investigation pick has said authorities should be advised of requests to meet with foreign individuals during a campaign and even after Donald Trump Jr. said he would rethink his own conduct in agreeing to the meeting in the first place.

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