Mixed reviews for Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Mixed reviews for Pirates of the Caribbean 5”

"Where once he was an engaging oddity whose unhinged mannerisms you felt cloaked hidden (and sober) depths, Jack now feels like a routine rather than a person".

Subtitled Salazar's Revenge here but known as Dead Men Tell No Tales in other parts of the world, POTC5 has a story that is long, convoluted and ultimately forgettable (no, really, how much do you remember of the previous films' stories?), there's some kind of fantastical myth and impossible magic involved, there's a colourless and bland young couple who are central to the story, there's a grotesque villain inflicted with a bad case of over-CGI-tis, and there are insane action sequences that defy all logic and common sense. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is a two-hour movie that feels doubly long, teasing this treasure that's nowhere to be found. He said, "Everyone had sort of poo-poo'd the idea of a pirate movie because I think it had been half a century since there has been a proper one".

In my career, Godzilla has already been mentioned. The film is set to open on 373 4DX screens in 48 countries around the world.

"My television series Magical Law lapsed when Gore Verbinski 'decided to direct The Lone Ranger instead". Our theatrical feature Lightspeed was put on the back burner when Disney acquired the Star Wars franchise. I believe you'll leave the theater feeling more satisfied than not about Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Of course there is also the possibility that all those screenplays simply sucked.

Virtually replaying the first film, this soft-reboot signals that it is far from being "The Final Adventure", as the franchise fires up another salvo of swirling swashbuckling and piratical plotting.

Non-production has a thousand fathers, production only one. It just touched the noughties audience who were getting bored of remakes and reboots and wanted a bit of originality and if nothing else, Pirates was pretty original.

Some of the past Pirates movies could get a little long and boring, but once again, a great balance is maintained by fleshing out the plot and backstories while keeping the movie exciting.

Johnny is dumb for a multitude of reasons, but I'm going to focus on one. I saw it twice, and a female villain is literally the last thing I remember about Dark Shadows. "We've got a terrific tale to tell", he says. But Rossio threw it into his long blog post nearly as an aside, it's not like he seemed to be angling for attention.

"They probably thought I was mad". And plenty of people won't care.

Javier Bardem has played a variety of roles over the years, but has become most known for his creepy, terrifying villains. It's totally not redundant! (It's about 50 minutes shorter than the interminable "At World's End.") From a ridiculous and wildly entertaining bank robbery scene early on when the entire bank, i.e., the building itself, is taken, through a thrilling finale involving a "Ten Commandments"-style parting of the waters, "Dead Men Tell No Tales" might as well have been titled, "Go Big or Go Home".

"Unfortunately for everyone, Captain Jack Sparrow is still slurring and staggering around the Caribbean".

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