Bill O'Reilly's Comment on Roger Ailes' Death is Remarkably Pathetic

Bill O'Reilly's Comment on Roger Ailes' Death is Remarkably Pathetic”

Being a political operative from a television background, Ailes was brilliant in developing his programming and in building an audience.

In this Taibbi fantasy, Rolling Stone was never a political fiefdom for hippie leftists and drug-crazed Hunter Thompson fanatics, which later aged into a sort of baby-boomer Tiger Beat for Clinton and Gore, Kerry and Obama (combined with Taibbi slashing the Republicans as monsters like Ailes). "This is the way they'll be elected forevermore".

He described Ailes as an "uproariously funny" media genius and shaper of politics, who practiced and expected "fierce loyalty" from those who worked for him. Deprived of a steady stream of nubile employees to sexually exploit, the infamous Fox News CEO and progenitor of 21st-century-style authoritarian propaganda simply lost his will to live. He will be remembered for both. A makeup artist said she had to do women's makeup before meetings with Ailes and that afterward, in one person's case, "the makeup on her nose and chin was gone".

After college, Ailes headed to Cleveland to take a television job.

MUTO: People really went nuts for him. Fox News analyst Fred Barnes spoke wistfully of that time last summer, hours after Ailes was forced out of Fox. He had a strong conservative viewpoint, but retained his eye for drama, honed by his years of experience as a TV producer. But Bill O'Reilly seems to think otherwise.

News doesn't have to be boring, insisted Ailes, who famously captured his view of sensationalism in his "Orchestra Pit Theory". He accepted that the news was whatever people wanted to watch, even if his audience craved conspiracy theories and thinly sourced rumors.

Now it's possible to sense his absence by a lack of new ideas. Kelly left for NBC News and Van Susteren now has a daily show on MSNBC.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich also paid public tribute to the Fox News Channel founder. The relentless run of bad news for Trump over the past few weeks has likely depressed Fox's regular viewership, much like supporters of Hillary Clinton stayed away from television news for the month after her election loss. It turns out many Americans on both sides crave bold opinions expressed loudly. CNN's Ted Turner used the new technology of communications satellites to smash the broadcast network monopoly over long-range video transmissions. I caught a news "talk" show the other day in which one journalist was outraged - screaming - because another member of the panel didn't take her "anonymous sources" seriously. And the channel nearly never presented a "balanced" view of the news, because of its conservative agenda. McLuhan argued that there are hot media; he just thought in terms of film and radio, because they demanded little interaction, saying the hot medium "spoon-feeds" content to the receiver.

This formula won huge ratings, enviable revenues, and a loyal base of fans.

Ailes' whole career was built around one desire: to preserve and advance the dominance of affluent white men over everyone else. In the depthless, two-dimensional realm of the TV screen, appearances and emotions do most of the work.

One of the first delusional traits of leftists is to imagine there the media environment wasn't "hyper-divisive" before Fox News began. These Nixonian anxieties, amplified onscreen, sustained an ecosystem of indignant zeal, from the Tea Party to the Benghazi witch hunt to the birther movement. Indeed, in many important ways, the media mogul's death represents the end of an era.

The result is that journalism today suffers from a kind of image dysphoria, with many journalist confused as to who or what their profession is - and with many more stand-up comics, political activists, and average citizens believing that they too, are journalists.

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