Comcast Calling: Cable Company Wants To Be Your Cell Phone Provider

Comcast Calling: Cable Company Wants To Be Your Cell Phone Provider”

NEW YORK-Comcast is set to go mobile. Today's customers are cutting their pay TV subscriptions, but then often turn to the same business to buy access to TV yet again - except, this time, it's via the internet and streamed to their phones, as with AT&T's DirecTV Now or Dish's Sling TV, for instance.

Comcast, which confirmed plans to sell wireless services in late 2016, said it will offer discounts if customers buy wireless services along with its internet or pay-TV services.

Shifting traffic to Wi-Fi is a benefit, even for customers who are on unlimited plans, because it provides greater bandwidth than cellular service, Comcast executives said.

Comcast is focused on selling to its 29 million customers so marketing, distribution, servicing and other expenses are lower. "The transformation of the industry is forcing Comcast back to the drawing board". The company has 16 million hotspots around the country, a network built largely through consumer hotspots.

Schwartz says, "every inch of their network will be available to our subscribers as well". Xfinity Mobile also will feature devices from Samsung and LG. Out of the gate you won't be able to bring your own phone to the service. Luckily, you can choose this plan for a separate line on your plan so some lines can have unlimited data while others pay per gigabyte used.

XFinity Mobile is created to be flexible and a good deal for Comcast's customers: Xfinity Internet customers get five lines with no line access fees, with unlimited talk and text at no extra cost. There are no line-access fees, and Xfinity Mobile includes talk and text with the first 100 megabytes of shared 4G LTE data included. Comcast also has a unique offer - the ability to pay just $12 a gigabyte, meaning some customers who don't use a lot of data can opt for a much cheaper plan than what is offered by major carriers. That makes it a potentially attractive offering for the 70% of customers that Nielsen reports consume less than 5GB per month. Project Fi costs $10 a gig, though customers pay $20 monthly for voice and texts. A family of four could get unlimited data for $180 a month combined, the same as Verizon.

Details on the plans are scarce for now, but we know that pricing will start at $65 per month for unlimited data.

This history of deception should lead you to second-guess the new Xfinity Wireless program.

In recent months, the four major USA wireless carriers - Verizon Communications Inc VZ.N , AT&T Inc T.N , T-Mobile US Inc TMUS.O and Sprint Corp S.N - have offered unlimited data plans ranging from $50 a month for a single line to $90 a month. You'd have the option to convert back the following month.

Comcast is calling it Xfinity Mobile.

Payments are automatically billed through your credit card. The catch is that it will only be offered where Comcast already has its internet and cable TV service in the US.

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