Cherrios is giving away seeds to help save the bees

Cherrios is giving away seeds to help save the bees”

Honey Nut Cheerios has stripped its familiar mascot Buzz the Bee from its cereal boxes as part of a company-wide effort to alert the public that honeybees are dying off at a risky rate, and that doesn't just spell disaster for cartoon spokesmen.

Cheerios, in partnership with Veseys Seeds, is doing their part to save the bees by giving away free wildflower seed packets for people to plant-100 million seeds, to be exact. The company suggests seeds be planted in a bee-friendly area.

Bees are in trouble, and General Mills, the company that produces Cheerios, wants to help. According to the report, two out of five species of "invertebrate pollinators", such as bees and butterflies, are on the path toward extinction. Pollination of most food crops actually occurs by wind and self-pollination, but bees do account for a 10 to 40 percent crop yields for some types of food crops, like strawberries, sunflowers, and chestnuts. "If managed with care, they can help us continue to produce billions of dollars in agricultural income and a wonderful diversity of nutritious food".

Mainly, those are habitat loss (nearly 40 percent of all land is used for agriculture, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization), climate change (the land that's left is changing, and this is shrinking the ranges of some bees) and rampant chemical use.

As of 2016 the U.S. had already lost about 4.4 million of the 4.5 million honeybee colonies it had in 2006, Reuters reports. The Buzz the Bee mascot - who practically ate your morning breakfast with you - is no longer there.

The firm hopes to revive consumer engagement with its #BringBackTheBees campaign, with a goal to facilitate families in planting more than 100 million wildflowers.

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