Intruder with backpack breaches White House grounds

Intruder with backpack breaches White House grounds”

Joseph Clancy, who replaced Pierson during Obama's administration, said last month he planned to step down in March, allowing Trump to name his own security chief. Tran is charged with entering restricted grounds while carrying a unsafe weapon.

Tran at one point can be seen hiding 'behind a White House pillar before proceeding to the South Portico Entrance, ' according to the document.

That is when the officer stopped him, after which Tran said: 'I am a friend of the President.

According to the Secret Service, the suspect had no arrest record or history with the agency charged with protecting the president, his family and other elected officials.

The Secret Service said that the individual, whom it did not identify, was arrested without further incident after climbing an outer perimeter fence near the Treasury Department and East Executive Avenue about 11:38pm on Friday.

Tran will appear in DC court for a second time on Monday, and he has now been pictured in a courtroom sketch.

In the letter, Tran mentions "Russian hackers" and that he has relevant information.

"This is really troubling", said Jonathan Wackrow, an ex-Secret Service agent. I have an appointment, ' the complaint states.

The White House security level was temporarily raised to "orange" - one of the highest - as a result of the intrusion.

The Secret Service is trying to determine how Tran managed to get near the building without being detected, officials said.

The Secret Service said it was found to be free of any hazardous materials.

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