Senator Seeks Independent Prosecutor for Probing Alleged Russian Role in US Vote

Senator Seeks Independent Prosecutor for Probing Alleged Russian Role in US Vote”

"Some say the Russians won't be reasonable". The Russian Foreign Ministry denied the claim somewhat emotionally: "Oh my God ... shameful ... fake news".

Recently, The New York Times also made note of Kislyak's presence at Trump's April speech. On one occasion in 2013, the envoy met with seven then-Democratic senators. Sessions has been taking heat for two meetings he had with Kislyak during the campaign when he was on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Thirty-four percent of independent voters said Sessions lied, while 23 percent said he was truthful.

If it was moral outrage, they wouldn't be able to switch it on and off at will. Did the Democrats demand that he resign? Trump - or his advisers - know full well that a president can not order a wiretapping, that the FBI must have a federal lawyer who presents evidence of probable cause to a judge, who then authorizes the warrant.

Democrats looked the other way when Eric Holder was accused of and later admitted to lying about the Obama administration's Soviet Union-style surveillance of journalists critical of the administration.

Then there was Eric Holder, who was held in contempt of Congress over the Fast and Furious scandal. Pence's mouthpieces tried to advance an argument that there is a galaxy's worth of difference between using his poorly protected private email account and Hillary Clinton's private server - a defense that sent IT specialists around the globe collapsing in paroxysms of laughter. There's a kind of karma at work in the political universe these days.

We didn't hear Democrats demanding resignations or impeachment proceedings over the Benghazi cover-up when former National Security Advisor Susan Rice spread misleading information regarding the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack that Sen.

'It never happened, ' Hicks told CBS News in reply.

The double standard on display every day is ridiculous, and the red tide that washed over the 2016 electoral college map proves Americans took notice.

This is who you elected, America.

Talked with Russian operatives before the election took place; refused to put out their tax papers; accused the CIA, FBI, NSA of not doing their jobs; total put downs toward the women and men who serve our great country on a daily basis; delegitimizing of our free press, First Amendment of our Constitution; nominated the most unqualified people into Cabinet positions, people who a few years ago stated, "I would close down the EPA and other agencies"; Trump saying that Clinton was in the pockets of Wall Street and then putting in six people from Goldman Sachs, the very group of people who brought our country to its knees; Trump openly talking about ending North Atlantic Treaty Organisation day after day; putting America and Americans down and at the same time building up Russia/Putin; legitimizing Breitbart news media; Priebus asking the FBI to talk down the investigation into Flynn and the Russians. Likewise, they care less if he appears "un-presidential". The connections are there even with the President, so it should go without saying that Americans are suspicious.

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