Dodge Demon Lays Down Law (of Physics) in Latest Teaser

Dodge Demon Lays Down Law (of Physics) in Latest Teaser”

Fast forward two weeks, and the latest Demon teaser is referencing Isaac Newton.

Dodge has designed the vehicle to be competent in most of the conditions it will face but also absolutely dominant when it comes to the drag strip. To make the aforementioned weight transfer as efficient as possible, Dodge used quick reacting springs up front, soft rebound front shocks, removed restrictions (sway bar) and increased compression in the rear shocks.

"Our Dodge//SRT fans are among the most enthusiastic and socially engaged in the automotive industry", said Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Cars, Dodge, SRT, Chrysler and FIAT, FCA North America.

Using precise mechanical and electronic tuning, the Challenger SRT Demon is set to deliver a maximum launch force while still maintaining directional control.

Recently, Dodge had the motoring world pretty bemused by quoting Metallica when talking about the Challenger SRT Demon's massive airbox. That's key because more conventional drag-strip suspension tuning works great in a straight line but is a bear if you need to change course. The American automaker announced today that the Demon is "made to absolutely dominate in Drag Mode".

The Demon accomplishes this thanks to a so-called drag-tuned suspension setup - adaptive Bilstein dampers work in concert with softer springs and anti-roll bars to maximize weight transfer and keep the auto as stable as possible off the line.

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