Apple Inc. To Make iPhones In Bengaluru From April !

Apple Inc. To Make iPhones In Bengaluru From April !”

The company is reportedly "very serious" about beginning assembly operations.

Aside from the reduced output, new information from industry sources claims that Apple is also manufacturing iPhones in India in 2017. Lens Technology has 70,000 workers of whom all are below 45 in age, while most labor in the USA is of over 45 years old, the company said. Wistron, a Taiwanese OEM manufacturer for Apple, is setting up a facility in the city's industrial hub of Peenya to manufacture iPhones.

As part of the first phase, Foxconn Automation Technology Development Committee's general manager, Dai Jia-peng, said that Foxconn is aiming to set up individual automated work stations for risky tasks that workers don't want to carry out. Sources also said that an inter-ministerial panel might be discussing the likely incentives Apple would be provided if it wants to manufacture or assemble in India.

The report also points out that putting together iPhones in India will allow Apple to avoid the heavy 12.5% additional duty it has to pay for imports.

Apple is selling large volumes of phones in India, and iPhone sales hit 2.5 million from Oct 2015-September 2016 raking in 9,997 Crore in revenue for the tech company here in India.

Dai Jia-peng, general manager in Foxconn's Automation Technology Development Committee, said in an interview with Digitimes that the company has already started automating production at its factories in China, trying to focus on three different stages to accomplish its goal.

Now most of Apple's devices are made in China by the Cupertino giant's manufacturing partner Foxconn Technology.

Apple Inc. has plans to manufacture their popular iPhones in India, for the Indian Market.

Apple was reported to be in talks with the government to Make in India.

Thus looking at that, Apple has requested India to provide the product details that are required by law in India, be it part of the software or part of the packaging.

If revenues are seen then Apple India clocked a robust sales by touching a figure of Rs 9,997 Crore in this year 2016, hence the sales has gone up by 56 % which was Rs 6,472 Crore the last year.

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